StonewrightUK Stone Kitchen Warranties
StonewrightUK Stone Kitchen Warranties
StonewrightUK Quartz and Stone Kitchens in Ashford
StonewrightUK Quartz and Stone Kitchens in Ashford

Stone Worktops & Flooring Styles

Just like you, every stone floor is unique with a one-of-a-kind presence and personality.

Limestone is usually referred to as the “young” marble, formed from the consolidation of seashells and sediment. Each stone will have a certain amount of surface pitting, fossilized shells, fissures and mineral striations, as well as a degree of edge chipping.

It’s a perfect choice for dining rooms and bathrooms, available in a range of colours from ivory to golden brown to black.

Sealing: protect the stone’s natural beauty Limestone should be sealed.

Sandstone is a sedimentary stone that is primarily composed of loose grains of quartz sand that are rough in texture. Compressing sand and water over time forms this coarse-grained rock, sandstone is a hard, yet very porous stone.

Sealing: must be thoroughly sealed when used as flooring.

Granite is formed from liquid magma — the substance found at the core of the Earth — it has nearly the hardness and durability of diamond. Once polished, its high-gloss finish will resist scratching making it an ideal choice for any kitchen floor.

Granite is found in a variety of rich colours: from “Black Galaxy,” a luxurious black stone with small white or gold crystals, to “Tropical Brown” filled with tan, brown and black flecks.

Marble is a metamorphic rock made up of crystallized limestone, which was made famous by the buildings of Ancient Rome and Greece. Available in a range of different colour variations, all typically includes a dazzling vein pattern of colour that contrasts with its base colour.

Since marble is more porous than granite, it’s more susceptible to staining and not the best choice for kitchen floors.

Slate is composed of clay, quartz and shale and as a fine-grained metamorphic rock, it splits into sheets easily. However, Slate is highly versatile and adds a rustic appearance to any room. The natural “clefting” along the surface gives it a unique layered look. It’s very dense and can be used for floors, walls, and roofs. Slate is also water resistant, which makes it ideal for outdoor applications like patios and pool surrounds.

Slate comes in every colour imaginable and will adapt beautifully to every room in your house.

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