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Maintenance & Warranties

The future of your worktops & stone installations.

Warranty Information

To keep your installations in top condition we recommend following these simple guidelines. Any information we have not covered in the below please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.


Routine Cleaning

Routine Cleaning

It is highly recommended that you remain vigilant when it comes to cleaning up spillages of common household items such as tea, coffee, wine, vinegar, fruit juice, cooking sauces, etc. It is far easier to clean up these spills when they happen before they become dried on the surface and stubborn to remove. To clean your stone we recommend warm soapy water. If you’re looking for a deeper clean we can recommend products specifically made for natural and/or man-made stone. Avoid using products containing bleach or high acidity levels as this may damage the stone surface. Abrasive materials may also damage the stone surface.


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Avoiding Oils, Chemicals, Dyes & Solvents

Oils, chemicals, dyes, and solvents can permanently damage your work surface. If you do spill any of these types of product on your work surface, clean up immediately and rinse with plenty of clean water, repeating if necessary.

Please note: Oils and dyes capable of staining can be found in common food items such as curries and popular take-away options. Therefore, please do not allow spillages from these types of products to remain on work surfaces for any prolonged amount of time.


fire & heat

Avoiding heat damage & scratches

Stone is not completely heat resistant, i.e. it can stand the heat only temporarily and may crack as a result of a thermal shock or in manmade stone a discolouration may appear. We strongly recommend using heat mats when placing hot objects on your stone worktop. Although stone is scratch resistant, we still recommend using cutting boards to avoid possible damages.


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Long term maintenance

Manmade stone e.g Quartz and Dekton does not require any sealing. Natural stone e.g Marble and Granite will require periodic sealing. Please contact StoneWrightUK directly for advice.


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Customers registering their warranties with branded suppliers:

Responsibility lies with the customer to register any warranties with stone suppliers. This must be done within the allocated time the supplier gives. Registration for warranties can be found on the selected stone suppliers’ website. Silestone 25-year warranty fabricator ID is 6000009955